Background and services

Ecoleges is different. We are not about meeting minimum requirements, but applying best practice for making a healthier planet. Contact us if you want to accomplish the ‘extraordinary’ and be a part of our client portfolio for 2015. We are further committed to providing opportunities for people who share our passion by expanding our intern and mentorship program and creating jobs.

The founding of Ecoleges at the time of fundamental environmental legislative changes in 2006 was no co-incidence. The founders saw an opportunity to be more than ambassadors of the environment, and actively implement the principles of sustainable development. Its members compounded their scientific understanding and experience of ecosystem functioning within the legal framework and international standards, such as the ISO 14001: 2004 EMS, to formulate a holistic and comprehensive consultancy that adds value and best practice to any project.

Whilst the main focus of our service offering has been implementation, specifically environmental management, monitoring and auditing, a diverse skill set provides Ecoleges with the capacity to now offer the full range of services that span from cradle to grave, including research, specialist assessments and planning (basic and environmental impact assessments).

Please can you be so kind as to contact us for providing any or all of these services should the opportunity arise. Our size places us in a unique position to provide cost-effective support to a team of like-minded professionals on large projects, and cost-effective services to manage smaller projects, whilst offering the same level of expertise and peace-of-mind as a larger consultancy. Ecoleges’ list of projects and clients’ reviews will testify to our recognized professionalism and competence within the field of environmental management.

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Apart from the financial benefits of appointing Ecoleges, the business is currently exploring innovative ways for creating benefits linked to social responsibility. These include providing students the chance of acquiring the practical experience they need to complete their National Diploma in Environmental Sciences, creating employment opportunities for untrained people and incorporating scientific research projects into environmental management. There are also professional benefits.

The foundation of professionalism is formed by a list of ethics, morals or principles often referred to as a Code of Conduct. The purpose of a Code of Conduct is to maintain or uplift the credibility of organizations and professions by stipulating the manner in which an individual conducts him/herself whilst undertaking specific work. Apart from ensuring competence, it also enables consultants working independently from one another to provide similarly professional experiences, and in so doing maintain objectivity. Cumulatively, we have affiliated ourselves with such recognized bodies (and their Codes of Conduct) that contribute to the broad profession of IEM, including:

  1. the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP);
  2. the Southern African Auditor and Training Certification Association (SAATCA);
  3. the Grassland Society of Southern Africa (GSSA);
  4. the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIAsa – Mpumalanga);
  5. Elands River Catchment Water Users Association; and
  6. Mpumalanga Trout Forum (MTF), an affiliate member of the Aquaculture Association of Southern Africa.

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Affiliation with the first few organizations required stringent applications including adequate proof of competence, experience and references. In order for a Code of Conduct to be implemented, it requires a number of personal attributes. Whilst Ecoleges prides itself in exercising a diversity of these attributes, four have stuck out over the past six years: Ecoleges has integrity, is Innovative, Dependable, and Transparent.