Services We Offer

The Ecoleges team works closely with farmers, developers, engineers, contractors, councils, housing associations, and other clients to ensure the environmental compliance and sustainability of their operations or projects. Our list of services includes:

  • Basic Assessments(BA), Environmental Impact Assessments(EIA)
  • Air Emissions License(AEL)
  • Waste Management License Applications (WMLA)
  • Water Use License Applications (WULA)

Successfully completed projects range from pipelines, dams, broiler houses and abattoirs in Mpumalanga to a solar PV plant in the Northern Cape.

Specialist Studies and Research
  • Research (in the field of ecology)
  • Terrestrial Ecology monitoring and Assessments (including Landscape Function Analysis)

Our professional team of registered, ecological scientists has published papers in popular scientific journals. Their meticulous and controlled approach is incorporated in their specialist and Environmental Impact Assessments to produce robust and defendable Reports.

Plans and Programme
  • Environmental Management Plans/Programmes (for Municipalities, Developers, Construction and Manufacturing)
  • Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans
  • Plant Search, Rescue and Rehabilitation Plans
  • Alien Plant Control Plans
  • African Buffalo Management Plans
  • Ecological Management Plans

Ecoleges has authored a number of different plans as and when they have been required by the prevailing circumstances or authorities. The successful compilation of these plans requires a level and diversity of knowledge and skills, demonstrating our broad competence in the field of IEM.

Implementation – management, monitoring and auditing
  • Environmental Project Management
  • Environmental Control Officer (ECO/including monitoring, reporting and auditing environmental compliance for developments)
  • Independent Auditor
  • Site Environmental Officer services

Successfully completed projects range from the Mbombela Sports Stadium and SAPPI paper mills in Mpumalanga to the Acid Mine Drainage projects in Gauteng.

Approval to undertake a listed activity is granted in the form of an Environmental Authorisation (EA), which contains a list of conditions. Usually included in those requirements is the appointment of an independent Environmental Control Officer (ECO) and/or Auditor. Although the EA is the culmination of an arduous and costly process, it is only the beginning of the applicant’s environmental responsibilities regarding implementation. Ecoleges can help you remain compliant throughout the project, and prevent unnecessary costs associated with penalties, rehabilitation measures and construction delays.

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We offer various environmental services as well as intern and mentorship programme.